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Does your jewelry box have old broken chains or precious stones that have fallen out of their settings? You're probably wondering what to do about these old items. If you bring them into RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop, we can turn them in to cash for you because we buy gold. If you have broken chains, old rings, or any other gold then bring it in so we can appraise it. We'll offer you current market value based on the carat weight. We even take gold bars or estate items. It never ceases to amaze us the things people leave their family members. Often times, that jewelry that held sentimental value for a long lost relative, doesn't speak to you the same way. There's nothing wrong with that either. Instead you can take it and do something memorable for you and your family. Payoff some debts or use the money towards an unforgettable family vacation. 

We also buy diamonds and Rolex watches. Bring us your wedding rings from your first marriage, or those diamonds that have fallen out of their settings. If you haven't gotten it fixed yet, you probably won't. So don't let it gather dust anymore sitting in a box. Bring it to RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop where you can turn that forgotten jewelry into cash. We'll take your unwanted diamond, you're broken chain or your Rolex watch and we'll compensate you generously.

If you'd like to get your unwanted gold and diamond purchased, then come by and see us. We're a fair and honest gold buyer in Huntsville, AL. Remember that we buy gold, diamonds and other precious jewelry that you don't want. You'll get top dollar paid for all your gold and diamonds at RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop.