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RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop

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10099 Memorial Pkwy Se Suite #5
Huntsville, AL 35803

Call Us : (256) 203-2086

Business Hours:

10am - 6pm MONDAY-FRIDAY

Are you looking for a fair pawn shop in Huntsville, AL. At RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop, we are an old fashioned family business that looks to serve the community in a tangible way. From the merchandise that we sell in the store, to the pawn loans we offer people in need of fast cash, we want to help people meet their immediate needs. Is your immediate need lawn and garden equipment or tools for a project? We have plenty tools to help you complete your projects. Do you need electronics or stereo equipment? Or maybe you could use an instrument for the musician in your family. We have a variety of items from flatware to tools to jewelry. We believe everything has value and we offer fair appraisals on all our items.

Did you have an unexpected bill or some other expense come up and you're not sure how to pay for it? We have low interest pawn rates so you can take out a collateral loan against something valuable you own. this empowers you to get that expense taken care of, then you get your item back once you pay back  the loan. Many people use a pawn loan when they are in a tough spot and need fast cash. This is just one of those ways that we are able to serve the community we live in. 

Whatever you need, from tools and lawn and garden equipment to instruments and electronics we have some great items. Maybe your kids have been begging for a new game system but going and paying retail is just to much. No problem, come by and check out our selection of electronics from TV's, computers and game equipment we've got everything you need to entertain the kids.

Keep RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop in mind when you're looking for a great deal or need some fast cash.