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Does your jewelry box house broken jewelry or watches that stopped ticking? Jewelry is a precious item, often having sentimental value. Don't let it sit in a box, broken where you can't enjoy it and show it off. Instead, bring it to RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop. Our bench jeweler has specialized skills to repair many pieces of jewelry. We can do stonesetting on wedding bands and engagement rings to give you a special piece of jewelry for a special occasion. Our bench jeweler also does engraving, goldsmithing and jewelry restoration.

How about those watches that stopped ticking? Good quality watches are not cheap. From the high quality mechanics inside the watch to high quality metals and sometimes even precious stones on the outside, a good watch will serve you for a long time. The investment in a quality timepiece is worth it, but just like most other electronics, if they run on a battery, that battery will sooner or later die. Make sure you keep it working with a new battery once the battery has died. Battery replacement is a fairly simple service that can be done quickly. It's much cheaper than going out and buying a new watch too. Remember, clean out your jewelry box and bring us your dead watches and broken jewelry for jewelry repair in Huntsville, AL. 

Check out our other services too. We have a variety of items from electronics, tools and speakers for sale. We also offer collateral loans at competitive rates. If you don't want to get that jewelry fixed, bring it anyway. We buy gold and diamonds at current market value. When you bring your old, broken jewelry in to RV's Pawn and Jewelry Shop, you'll be able to take it home in like new condition.